Fractured 6

I walk down to the student parking and get into my car leaving the door open. Turning the key into the ignition, my car starts up, blasting hot air into my face from its vents. The steering wheel pulls at my palm leaving sweat against the leather. This morning the dorms sweltered like a sauna. … Continue reading Fractured 6

Fractured 5

I crack open the soda and sit at my laptop. Taking a cautious sip, I notice a thin texture sweetened like cough medicine. A cough escapes my mouth and I feel like my skin crawls. I set the can down, thoroughly finished, and look over the piece I have written. The prose reads one-sided and … Continue reading Fractured 5

Fractured 4

I step outside my room into the common area. Two of my roommates are huddled in front of the TV watching a show about who can sing the best. They both look like they have just woken up. Emma waves when she sees me. “Good morning, sleepy. We have a few days before classes, why … Continue reading Fractured 4

Fractured 3

I get back to my room and sit, waiting for my laptop to power up. I look around and notice my room looks sparse. I wonder how other students’ rooms look. Do they have posters? Maybe the art students have their works on the walls? The white walls look lonely until I see my stack … Continue reading Fractured 3

Micro-fiction Monday

I am trying my hand at micro-fictions again. Trick is to use as little words as possible to come up with a plot line, which can be difficult to construct properly. A simple sentence does nothing but report on an occurrence, however, if there is something open to interpretation and has potential to lead into … Continue reading Micro-fiction Monday