Fractured 10

A loud crash shatters the relative silence in the cafe. A large man lays on his side under an overturned table. My mouth agape, I shuffle around my pockets for my cell phone. My stomach turns as I begin to shakily dial 9-1-1. I look on as a crowd starts to form around the man. … Continue reading Fractured 10

Fractured 9

I skim the books for plotlines and personable characters. Soon the stack narrows down by half. Great books, even though they aren't aimed towards me. I add a few new authors to my list of ones to read. Amazing how sometimes you can find gems in the least popular books. One book details the falling … Continue reading Fractured 9

Fractured 8

The same girl eyes me from the help desk. Our eyes meet again. Shit. She probably thinks I’m stealing or something. A few moments later, she’s a few steps from me. "Hello, are you finding everything okay?" "I am, thank you," I shift my gaze down to the small stack I have begun to accumulate. … Continue reading Fractured 8

Fractured 7

After a few minutes’ drive, the large strip mall comes into view. The Trinidad Commons is what they decided to call it. The commons consist of many stores in a C formation and in the center of the C are more stores still. Restaurants are nestled into the different center buildings like little bastions of … Continue reading Fractured 7