Witchy Paradise

The witch climbs her tower and realizes that it has gotten a little taller over the years. One cantrip later, the tower comes down to the size of a cottage and her heart grows warmer. The ribbon of her hat flutters in the wind, as she basks in the summer heat.

Morning Rituals II

Slathering the mess upon her face, she feels as though mud cakes her eyes and pebbles accumulate blocking her tear ducts. She rubs her eyes causing everything to shift. She looks up into the mirror in wonder at the young woman before her.

Journal Update

Hello! Yes, I'm still here though things have gotten pretty hectic in real life land. A couple of updates, less so for the site but things just happening in general. Number 1! I have gotten a new job and it has been taking a lot of my time both on (and unfortunately) off the clock. … Continue reading Journal Update